My “baby” bull is looking less of a baby these days. He will be out with the cows in a months time.

2 June, 2012 07:09

2 June, 2012 07:09

Lad walking on egg shells, bit of “steady” reminder training!

2 June, 2012 07:08

Shetland gimmer with fostered on Mule lamb which she is doing an extraordinary job of.

2 June, 2012 07:07

Shetland gimmer with Beltex lamb.

2 June, 2012 07:06

Some of my lambs

Texel x ewe hogg with her Beltex lamb

Mole loading ewes and lambs.

29 May, 2012 10:52

29 May, 2012 10:51

I just had the trailer next to a fence and had no gates at all. He did really well.